These last couple of weeks have been full of interviews, both in-person, email, phone conversations, and one video chat. The interview usually starts off with me asking when they served in Greenland, Alaska, or in other parts of the world. Once you start jogging the memories of these fantastic people, the information flows well. I do not understand how many of these service men still remember the details of their Temporary Duty deployments over 60 years later. As I rethink that last statement, the raw, mostly untouched Greenland of the mid to late 1950’s and early 1960’s was a sight to see. They were figuring out how to make the equipment work in Arctic extremes.

Around a month ago, I had a person reach out to me because they found this website. This contact has led to a wealth of new information and the opportunity for me and my wife to meet some truly great people. I met them both for lunch around 20 minutes from my house. Later next week, my wife and I went over to their house, around 30 minutes away, and spent three hours talking over pizza and beer. He was a Korean and Vietnam Vet, and had extensive time spent with the Sno-Train and Sno-Freighter – you just don’t hear of these individuals any more. He provided the image below from his time in Fort Eustis, VA.

Image courtesy M. Martinez (2nd from the left). Fort Eustis, VA

I am still processing the data from my trip to Texas. Rest assured, the pages are flowing!