I traveled to Texas the week of May 16th for book research. I went through piles and piles of archival folders, documents, and reports. The findings from this trip were significant, especially as it relates to the Sno-Train (LCC-1), Overland MkII, and information about R.G. LeTourneau. On Friday, I spent two hours talking to two different individuals over lunch. One of these men worked on the assembly line; he assembled the Sno-Buggy, Sno-Train, and Overland MkII!!! The other worked side-by-side with R.G. LeTourneau drafting up his ideas and the suspension for the Overland MkII. In total, I gathered nearly 6GB of data about the Overland Trains, including a dozen or so new Train concepts. I am still hoping to have my book published by the end of the year. I can definitely see all of this data delaying the final product by a few months into 2022 – I need to make sure this book is right!

I visited the Gregg County Historical Museum’s R.G. LeTourneau exhibit. There was a great deal of history about LeTourneau and his contributions, including a small exhibit on the Overland Trains. This exhibit closes June 12, 2021.

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