LeTourneau’s Overland Trains

R.G. LeTourneau built 6 Overland Trains. Some were proof of concepts, while others were candidates, or used as logistical workhorses for DEW Line construction, Project Iceworm, and other support missions. They were capable of moving goods and materials without roads or rail lines in extreme arctic conditions.

VC-12 Tournatrain – tested in 1953, second version in 1954 with a second engine in the last (4th) cab.

TC-264 LeTourneau Sno-Buggy – TRADCOM funded development, June 1954, went to Greenland for testing

VC-22 Sno-Freighter – Alaska Freight Lines signed contract with LeTourneau 05Jan55, to build the VC-22. It was delivered on 17 February 1955, painted, and then sent to Alaska on the 21st.

Side Dump Train – built from parts of the VC-22, completed October 1955. Under a moratorium for earth moving. Didn’t sell a single item.

LCC-1 (Logistics Command Carrier (Army called it this)) Sno-Train or civilian nomenclature YS-1 – the Army Transportation Corps asked LeTourneau to combine VC-12 and TC-264. Result was LCC-1. Completed January 1956. Army tested it in March 1956, last cargo run was in 1962.

TC-497 Overland Train MK II – build contracted in 1958, final specifications completed in 1960, construction most of 1961, testing then handed over to the Army in 1962,