The Rolling Liquid Transporters (RLT (Model T-3)) are 1,000 gallon fuel vessels. These were unique in that the primary storage device were the two large wheels. During a military exercise in Greenland called Lead Dog 60, they performed well at transporting diesel fuel for the exercise.

The two – 500 gallon fuel cells (the tires) were filled using a gasoline powered pump, at a volume of 30 gallons per minute. Extracting the fuel was done using a 6 CFM compressor, creating a pressurized cell. In the image below, you can see Marty Martinez using a welding torch to melt ice around the spring loaded fueling valve. Ice formations around the filling valves was a common problem with the RLTs.

A Rolling Liquid Transporter wheel. Image: Marty Martinez – also shown above

During the exercise, four of the wheel bearings failed. The Army’s only concern was that fuel could only be dispensed out of one RLT at a time. A total of 7 RLTs were used during the exercise.

Rolling Liquid Transporters on the Greenland ice cap during Lead Dog 60. Image: Marty Martinez.
Rolling Liquid Transporters general data. Image: Lead Dog 60 report.