The TC-264 Sno-Buggy spent some time in Greenland testing out the HUGE Firestone 120x48x68s and a few unpowered trailers. It participated in tests as Camp Sierra and was driven by Nate Galbreath. Galbreath was assigned to the 9223rd Transportation Service Unit (Transportation Arctic Group). We know a great deal about the Sno-Buggy and its time in Greenland. During testing, R.L. and R.G. LeTourneau visited the testing areas and received valuable feedback that would eventually shape the Overland Trains we know today. R.L. kept a photo journal with original images and descriptions that very few have seen, which is part of why we have such a rich machine and storyline history.

Unlike many of R.G. LeTourneau’s machines, the Sno-Buggy was painted an olive, or drab green. With its dual tires on each of LeTourneau’s Electric Drives, it spanned 24 feet wide and was 27.5 feet long.

Experimental Letourneau Sno-Buggy, Greenland 1954