The Damascus Incident emphasized nuclear weapon safety like no other public incident to date. On September 18-19, 1980, propellant from a Titan II ICBM ignited and rocked rural Arkansas. The United States military had 5 nuclear warheads in Arkansas at the time. When a maintenance technician dropped a heavy socket down the silo, it punctured the first stage propellant tank filled with aerozine 50. The following explosion created catastrophic site damage.

I contacted the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program to see what materials they have on the site. In 2015, they provided Walks Through History tours of the site. They provided me with a site survey, or Architectural Resources Form.

Upon visiting the site on 11Sept20, I found out that the gate to access the site was locked. Based on the site maps and survey, the remaining cement pads and back-filled silo are located behind the tan barn pictured below. Unfortunately, this piece of history is not readily accessible by simply showing up. I visit Arkansas once a year. I have a year to find out how to visit the remaining site.

You can read more about the incident on Wikipedia at Visit the site on Google Maps at,-92.3980489,492m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x87cda9b2ec84a9eb:0x15d8f2a301e71593!8m2!3d35.4141192!4d-92.3971253.