The last two years researching and writing the Overland Trains story has been a journey, both academically and personally. I have added a handful of people as friends and many more as acquaintances. I have been taught humility, the art of listening, and patience along this journey. As we experience Veteran’s Day together, I remember so many of the American Service Members that I spoke with along the way. They served as young men in their twenties, forging a new path for America during the Cold War and beyond. One of the men I met during my journey was Marty Martinez.

Marty served in the Korean War, the Army in Alaska, and Vietnam. His life sacrifice, and others who contributed to our freedom, makes me think about my own Army service and how different they must have been. During this day, and hopefully everyday, Service Members and Americans around the globe celebrate the dedication, sacrifice, and commitment to the United States Armed Forces.

Regardless of your political ideologies, America deserves your allegiance. We were built upon unifying principles of liberty, freedom of thought, and justice. Men and women and fought and died for our rights. This Veteran’s Day, please recognize the sacrifice our fellow American’s have made, reflect on your contribution, and understand that you have rights because of the sacrifice that Veteran’s have made.