Over the last couple of years, I have spoken with a number of model builders. They ask for specifications and any drawings that I could provide. Several months ago, one such model builder caught my attention. C.D.G. Customs on Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/c.d.g.customs/) built a model of the LCC-1 Sno-Train. After a conversation, he decided to build the trailers too! We spoke over video chat; I asked if he would be willing to sell the model to me. He provided a detailed list of materials costs and an hourly wage for assembly. I agreed to his terms and the model arrived today. One of the really fantastic surprises was the custom model manual. He provided instructions on how to unpack, pick up, and repair the model if needed. He even provide a bag of paint, glue, screwdriver, and more to help me repair it. He did a fantastic job with the model. Expect more images of this creation in the near future!