On New Years night, December 31, 1954, Bob Hope, Anita Ekberg, Margaret Whiting, Bill Holding, Jerry Colona, and others travelled to the far north Arctic at Thule Air Base Greenland. It was -27 degrees Fahrenheit that night. Just over 4,000 attended the New Years show to bring in the year – it was going to be 1955.

Bill Holden, Bob Hope, and Anita Ekberg practice the show: Image: NBC Photo.

During my interviews for the Overland Trains book, I heard several Service Members use the Bob Hope show as a reference. Comments like, I showed up to Thule right after the Bob Hope show, were referenced. The Sno-Train arrived in Greenland in the spring of 1955. While there, the Sno-Train underwent over 2,000 miles of testing.

Image: Marty Martinez