R. G. LeTourneau, Inc. and the Army had milestones built into The Overland Train Mark 2 (Mark 2) contract. These were defined as Phase I, Phase II, Phase III, and Phase IV. The Army and LeTourneau were designing and building some of the Mark 2 as they went along, including the suspension and interior layout. The following drawing is listed as Part Number, or PN-328. It is one of many drawings included in a Phase I design book created by R. G. LeTourneau, Inc. The drawing shows front-facing, passenger side, and top dimensions view, minus the removable side compartments. If you want to download the file, click the downward-facing arrow with the line under it on the top-right of the document area below or scroll to the bottom of this article.

The Mark 2 body, minus the tires, was 40 feet long. Once the tires are included in the measurements, the Mark 2 is 46 feet long as measured from the rear jib crane to the front tire.

It measured 16 feet, 6 inches wide, as measured from the outside edge of each tire. Each of the Firestone 120x48x68 tires was 4 feet wide!

If you measure the Mark 2 from the bottom of the tire to the top of the cab, it is 16 feet, 9 inches. Add the radar unit and the height extends to 20 feet, 7.5 inches tall.