I have had 4 days off for the weekend, President’s Day, and one day of vacation to write. The work week does not leave much time past email correspondence to work on the Overland Train book. There are 15 chapters in the book, with all but 2 or 3 that are in the editing phase.

Draft Overland Trains book chapters list.

The editing phase means that I am no longer incorporating new content. Changes are grammatical, shifting content around, and spelling or word choice changes. The remaining two chapters where I am still incorporating content are relatively minimal.

As a curiosity, I opened up each chapter document and counted the pages. Using Amazon Kindle Direct for publishing does not limit reasonable page count, rather the overall uploaded files size. If I recall, the maximum page count was something like 828 pages…? After counting all of the pages, single spaced and no images, I came out to 146. Once I add images and another 5-10 content pages, I should be around the 300-350 page mark.