I recently acquired a new Sno-Freighter image slide. The slide is dated September 1969, which places it in Alaska, just after it left Bear Creek, YT.

Slide negative dated September 1969

After I digitized the photo, it came out like this.

Sno-Freighter slide dated September 1969

As you can see in the photo, two tires in the foreground appear to be from the trailers. The orange bar between the tires is how the trailers connect to each other. The side paneling in laying on the side of one of those tires. There are two cylinders on let-hand side of the photo. To the rear of the Sno-Freighter sticking out on the right-hand side, you see a metal cage of sorts. It houses a military green generator that was used during the Sno-Freighter’s recovery in 1961-1962.