A few moments ago, I submitted my proposal to the Alaska Historical Society’s 2022 Annual Conference (http://alaskahistoricalsociety.org/about-ahs/conference/). The book should be published by October 2022. If not, I have other problems 🙂

I am working on final edits for chapter 10, the TC-497. With that chapter nearly complete, the remaining chapters won’t take more than 2 more weeks. Once complete, I am printing three copies, with one going to a Historian in Texas for review, one to a couple that had a significant impact on the story, and one for myself to review.

There are two book versions that will be available. The first version will be Kindle. It will not have the rich images, close to 200, that are available in the color paper book. I am up to 190 single spaced pages of content without the images.