The Firestone 120x48x68 tires are arguably, one of the most recognizable features on the last 3 LeTourneau Overland Trains. These tires were first produced in 1952. The numbers describe the tire dimensions as 120 inches tall – diameter (10 feet), 48 inches wide (4 feet), and 68 inches inner diameter. The were manufactured in thicknesses of 10-ply to 36-ply based on the machine it was used. If you wanted to buy a tire and rim combination during the 1960s, you would expect to shell out around $3,500 per tire and $1,600 per rim.

Tire and rim combination weights will vary by rim model, rim metal composition, and tire plies. These tires were also used on the Crash Pusher, Water Wagon, Marsh Buggy, Sno/Swamp-Buggy, and possibly a few others that I have not seen.

April 15, 1954 – Ft. Eustis, VA. Three visitors marvel at the new Firestone tires.