If the military is involved, you can be certain that they will use an abbreviation or acronym for their organized name, project, or equipment. Here are a few of the more commonly used abbreviations and acronyms used during the scope of the Overland Trains.

ACAN – Army Command and Administrative Network

ACFEL – Arctic Construction & Frosts Laboratory

APPR – Army Package Power Reactor

ERDL – Engineer Research & Development Laboratory

FESA – Facilities Engineering Support Agency

LCC – Logistical Cargo Carrier

PR&DC – Polar Research & Development Center

SIPRE – Snow, Ice, Permafrost & Research Establishment

TRADCOM – Transportation Research Development Command

TRARG – Transportation Arctic Group

TRECOM – Transportation Research Command

TREOG – Transportation Research & Environmental Operations Group

USARSG – United States Army Research & Standardization Group