In 1961, Transval Electronics Corporation (TEC) was contracted by the U.S. Army (USAR) to develop a vehicle that could solve a major problem. The USAR needed a vehicle that could be dropped off of a ship carrying heavy equipment, float, navigate to the shore, and drive up the beach. TEC developed the Barge Resupply Cargo Vehicle, or BARC.

The six BARCs were built for the Army Transportation Corps. These vehicles weigh 100 tons and designed to carry 60 tons. In an emergency, they could carry their own weight. Each 9 foot tall wheel was driven by a 200hp diesel engine. Two marine propellers provide drive for the craft within water. The BARC was 62.5 feet long, 26.5 feet wide, and 19 feet high.

TEC developed other cargo carrying capabilities for the USAR, which will be expanded upon in my Overland Trains book, due out mid to late 2021.