As part of writing this book on the LeTourneau Overland Trains, I have read a couple of dozen books. Some are background and way off the path, while some are directly relevant to the topic at hand – telling the story of the Overland Trains.

A couple of books stand out for me. I am not even finished with “Atomic America” and it made the list. Jon Gertner’s “The Ice at the End of the World” is extremely well researched and written. I thought it flowed really well and is ripe with information. Finally, “Surface at the Pole” tells the story of the USS Skate, the first submarine to surface in the North Pole. The book takes the reader through a once in a lifetime journey to break through the ice at the North Pole.

We are a little more than half way through 2021. These books captured my attention and respect for well researched and written books. Thank you to the authors!