Project Mobility occurred from June 5-10, 1961 at Fort Eustis, Virginia. During the 6 day exercise, The United States Army Transportation Training Command conducted daily demonstrations at Fort Eustis and Fort Story – Fort Story is a sub-installation of Fort Eustis. The exercise goals were to help the audience understand (1) the new techniques under development in resupply and amphibious areas and (2) demonstrate equipment recently added to the Army capabilities.

A paper booklet lists out the exercise scope, events schedule, observer participation, other equipment not shown during the exercise, maps of Fort Eustis and Fort Story, and administrative information.

Some of the equipment not shown during the exercise, but highlighted in the booklet include the LARC, BARC, Rolling Liquid Transporter, GOER vehicle, Sikorsky S-60 helicopter, Landing Craft Retriever, and the Overland Train. Page 22 and 23 of the booklet show a brief description of the Overland Train. This description was for the TC-497.

Overland Train description from Project Mobility 1961, U.S. Army Fair Use.

However, the images below the TC-497 description were of the Sno-Train.