I have been communicating with the private seller of a new TC-497 8mm film. Even after the sale was complete, he continues to communicate the origins of the digitized film below. Through some careful and detail oriented observations, he rewrote my narrative on the film origin. This type of “people helping people” is one of the great rewards of writing the Overland Trains book. Thank you Paul.

“I bought this previously unreleased 8mm film from a private seller in England. The film’s seller bought it with a collection of other films and has since determined that the film was shot by an officer of the British Army’s Royal Engineers (most likely based at the Longmoor Military Railway in England). The officer was on secondment to Fort Eustis, VA from late 1962. It is likely that this secondment provided him with the opportunity to visit the Yuma Proving Ground.”

Video Timeline

0-0:52 flying in an airplane
0:52-1:48 seeing the local sites
1:49-3:57 first site of TC-497 and support vehicles, helicopter ride
3:58-4:14 Yuma Proving Ground
4:15-5:23 TC-497 close-up walk around
5:24-6:17 tractor loaded on trailer, more close-ups and personnel walking around
6:18-6:28 inside control car with operator
6:29-7:20 external view of electrical cabling, more control car inside,
7:21-conclusion external view with man sitting on top of control car while driving, external view from power cars (rear)