I acquired a letter with the Byrd/Poulter Snow Cruiser; it arrived in the mail today. You can read about the Snow Cruiser journey on my blog at The Overland Trains weren’t the First Big Wheels on the Snow. The Snow Cruiser wasn’t an Overland Train. It was around well before R.G. LeTourneau’s Overland Train concept came to reality in the early 50s. I write about the Snow Cruiser because Byrd and Poulter’s mission in Antarctica paved the way for Arctic exploration. As it relates to the Overland Trains, the Snow Cruiser was the first to use the large 48×68 sized tires in the snow. While the Snow Cruiser wasn’t at all successful with the tires setup, we learned a great deal about how to start navigating in the snow, ice, and extreme cold.

The U.S.S. North Star transported the Snow Cruiser from Boston, MA.