Have you noticed your car, truck, or equipment starts a little slower when it is cold outside? Anyone who lives in or near the Arctic knows that you better have a well maintained battery. When it gets cold, batteries lose efficiency. When the Sno-Freighter came to Alaska to help supply Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line sites, it captured the attention of corporate America. The Sno-Freighter was designed to carry heavy loads through the back country. Companies had the new rugged product comparison that they always wanted.

The advertisement assures performance of Globe-Union Inc. batteries with “…SPINNING STARTS despite the Arctic cold.”

The logs shown in the advertisement above were from the tests at LeTourneau’s Longview, TX facility. Typical cargo for resupplying DEW Line stations were cement, petroleum, oil, and liquids (POL), and a wannigan for housing the men and chef.

Globe-Union Inc. Notes

  • Globe-Union batteries production started at Tampa Industrial Park in 1958.
  • In 1970, battery production was up to 400,000 a year
  • In February of 1982, the Globe-Union factory experienced a gas fire at their factory.

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