I took a month long book writing break during the holidays. My day job has been demanding my full attention and I didn’t have the energy to conduct the research and writing after work hours. I have a tremendous amount of data to parse.

How I organize data

Whenever I find or receive new data, I place it in a folder for review. Once I read the information, I place it in one of my chapter folders to review at a later time. Each folder contains a Word document with the chapter contents. As I read through information, I write out the content in timeline order. I have assembled rough topical sections for each chapter. So far, most of the chapters are around 20 full pages, with the longest at 28 pages. Each page is only written content, single spacing, and no images. Images will be the last additions to the book.

If you have questions about the book or my process, please get ahold of me at mark@nwlinux.com.