Two weeks ago, I traveled to Texas for an extensive week long research mission. After braving a tornado siren warning and the extreme heat and humidity, I have to say MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. I visited in-person with a LeTourneau Historian, visited the Gregg County Historical Museum, spent hours sifting through boxes and boxes of records – spiders too – and interviewed two individuals that had direct experience assembling and drafting the Overland Trains. The information from this trip added over 6GB of electronic data, one sling shot, a piece of the former R.G. LeTourneau, Inc. Dome 1, and relayed experiences that will significant add to the Overland Train’s provenance.

The image with R.G. is a functional demonstration model using during shows. When the operator turned the potentiometer, the wheel would turn and the operator could see components move. The color image on the right side of the gallery is the actual control dashboard that R.G. sat in as it sits today. I was able to see and sit in the operator’s chair seen right during my trip.