R.G. LeTourneau, Inc. drew a number of trailer concepts and trains before the 6 Overland Trains we know of today. His newly developed electric drive wheel seemed to spur his Train concepts. R.G. developed nearly a dozen train ideas during the early to late 1950s. The train concept below is a 6×6, powered electric drive developed for the Iraqi government. The lead car, or control car looks to use a Side Dump Train style front. The 4 containers on this train were designed to be removed and left at a work site, only to be picked up later. This train was never built.

undated train concept for the Iraqi government

The train above was not the first to be targeted for use in a desert environment. The Sno-Freighter was also marketed for use in the Sahara! Read through the Sno-Freighter brochure below.

https://overlandtrains.com/updates/vc-22-sno-freighter-brochure/ VC-22 Sno-Freighter thumbnail