Christmas Sno-Train. Image: Monika Melnychuk/

While the Sno-Train never transported Christmas ornaments, it did move tons of cargo for supplying Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line sites in the Arctic. The Sno-Train had the most diverse and longest operational career out of all 6 trains. It was tested in Longview, TX and Michigan. After testing state side, it was sent to Greenland where it was operationally tested in the cold Arctic environment and driven over 2,000 miles.

The Sno-Train participated in numerous Army logistics exercises and engaged in a massive vehicle equipment recovery operation, where personnel and equipment were pushed to their limits. It even performed a rescue operation for an Eskimo child.

You can see the Sno-Train at the Yukon Transportation Museum in Whitehorse, YT. If you are averse to the cold, Google Maps shows it here ->

Sno-Train seen in Google Maps on the lower-left corner denoted by a red arrow.

About the Artist: Monika Melnychuk is a transient illustrator who has worked out of Los Angeles, Toronto and Whitehorse. She’s currently in a committed long-term relationship with her Macintosh laptop, which has resulted in several wine labels for west coast wineries including the award winning Blasted Church series. Her work has also appeared in many other publications such as UTNE Reader, The Wall Street Journal and Key Porter Books. When not illustrating Monika enjoys running, biking, sketching in coffee shops and hanging out with her dog Boogaloo.