The first 6 book chapters are being reviewed and edited! I received the first copy edit on Chapter 1 last night. I have three “Monster” chapters in the book, the Sno-Freighter, Sno-Train, and the Overland Mark II. The good news is that the remaining chapter drafts are complete, aside from the aforementioned three.

When I went to Texas for research last month, I had boxes and boxes of old documentation to review. The image below is just a small percentage of data that were reviewed. Part of the problem with all of these fantastic data sources was filtering. Sometimes, there were an excessive amount of documentation on a particular topic; I had to mentally step back and filter what was important to telling the story.

Some of the historical records researched for this book

As I started writing this book, I wanted to throw out any of the data derived from stories. I started from scratch, presenting information only from physical documentation or from those present during the event. Aside from the mass amount of information in this book, it is based on data that I can back up by documentation and first hand accounts.