I stopped major writing around 4 months ago. Since then, I have been working through each chapter, editing each chapter over and over again. I started this journey a little over two years ago. I have collected over 33GB of data for the project and book, which is all synced with Nextcloud to my PC and backed up locally to a USB thumb drive. Who would have ever thought that there would be so much information? I completed near-final edits on Chapter 6 this morning. The monster chapters are the Sno-Freighter, Sno-Train, and TC-497. These are individually 40-45 pages without images. Once I complete all of the near-final editing, I will print each chapter and send it away for final edits.

Chapter organization

Unlike some of the more prominent authors, writing is not my day job. Most weekdays, I get up a little before 0500 hours and start editing first thing… Well, coffee and letting the dog out take priority. I get in around an hour of editing per day. The weekends are a balance between house chores and 4-5 hours per day of editing.

There will be two book versions, one Kindle and one color paper. The Kindle version will not have more than a half dozen images. If you read a book on Kindle that is image heavy, you’ll know why. Otherwise, viewing images on Kindle is not a great experience and tends to break up the story. The color print book will have around 200 images, most of which have never been seen.