I have been working on translating research information to chapters. As information comes to light, I categorize documents, images, and other data into a topic folder. I have a folder for each chapter and some sub-topics. As I review data contents, I translate the information to a text file. I do not worry about spelling or where images are going. The written content is the most important piece. Adding images is one of the last parts of the book.

I have spent the last 2 weeks focusing on the Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line, Camp Tuto, Thule Air Force Base, Camp Century, and a chapter on a non-LeTourneau equipment piece that fits into the Overland Trains story. I have collected 5.7GB of information, which includes videos, images, audio files, and documents. I have interviewed around a dozen people that had direct experience or families with direct experience in the Arctic.

Data backups are critical. I use OneDrive to sync local data to the cloud. At the end of the day, I copy that folder to a thumb drive for a local backup. Lastly, I sync another backup copy to my NextCloud instance.

Just as I think that I am ahead of translating the Overland Trains story to a document, more information comes into action. I can not complain about this! I am on track for publishing the book in mid-2021.