I am a bit of a sucker whenever a LeTourneau image is for sale online. I opened my front door and found the USPS had delivered my latest image. When I started writing this book nearly two years ago, I erased all of my assumptions and previous data I thought that I knew about the Overland Trains. All of the content that I have written on the Overland Trains so far has been supported by factual data and interviews with folks that were directly in contact with the machines, and backed up by the original or scanned original documents, not conjecture. When I find an image like the one seen below, I make sure to ignore the data on the back of the photos – they are usually wrong – and work off of what I can see and what I know for certain about the timeframes associated with the Sno-Freighter.

Alaska Freight Lines Sno-Freighter.

Some of these photographs show an “L” number that helps to date the photograph. In this instance, the L-8760 number shown on the bottom left corner of the image refers to a date of 09-26-55. The back of the image shows a date of March 12, 1962. In this case, both of the dates are incorrect. The Sno-Freighter was sitting at the mouth of the blow river until November of 1955. A similar photo dated July 1955 (below) is a more reasonable date for this image (above)

VC-22 Sno-Freighter