Writing this book has been a year and a half long adventure. I have spent many long nights reviewing, writing, and formatting the data that makes up this project. After a dozen or so book titles, I would like to present the final title – The Overland Trains Project. EDIT: Well, maybe not that title. A LeTourneau historian, friend, and director of rational thought said that title didn’t make sense 🙂 He has a good point!

I am pushing hard to have the book available by the end of this year – 2021. Once I am closer to publishing, the book should be available for pre-sale.

I am publishing the book on Amazon, with both Kindle and print versions available. I chose Amazon because I wanted the freedom to publish the content without someone else telling me how many images and pages to include. As more data are located about the Overland Trains, I can push updates to the Kindle content. The book will be approximately 225-275 pages of color print. I could not imagine releasing the book in black and white. The amazing orange and blue tones found in photography from this era just can’t be beat!